Our Actions

Studies and research

Studies and research

Development of research programms to prepare for caretaking of the elderly

  • Leading, coordinating, and contributing to research projects
  • Scientific support of the institutions

La cohorte ICE


Perspectives of the FRAGIRE evaluation

Studies and evaluations in order to answer to specific local or territorial issues

  • Editing literary reviews, benchmarks, and continuous control.
  • Evaluation of experiments for innovative solutions.
  • Consultancy and supporting our partners.
AG2R La Mondiale

Research on joint ownership of accommodation centres

Régional symposium on Non-Pharmacological alternatives

Régional symposium on Non-Pharmacological alternatives

Our studies and research programms



  • Modules for sleep enhancement
  • Explanations on retirement
  • DIVAS (Dispositif de Veille et d’Accompagnement Social / Service for Social and Continuous control)
  • Evaluation of the elderly’s health pathway (PAERPA)
  • Etc.

Silver economy

Silver economy

Supporting the development of economics

  • Being the interface between businesses and researchers.
  • Working together with businesses in the market for needs of the elderly.
  • Mobilising the network of partners to build the silver economy.
Schneider Electric

Experimenting innovative solutions

Papy Happy

Support for the development of start'up Papyhappy

Our silver economy actions

Businesses and researchers interface

  • Scientific evaluation of silver economy solutions
  • Etc.

Working together with businesses

Structure of the silver economy

Training and prevention

Training and prevention

Development of training programmes

  • Analysis of public and local authority needs.
  • Design and deployment of training and interventions.
Parcours santé des ainés

SAAD (Homecare Help) – PAERPA (Programme for the Elderly at risk of loss of autonomy) training

Developing actions and tools for prevention

  • Leading innovative actions.
  • Experimentation and evaluation.
  • Contributing to the evolution of global prevention and loss of autonomy.
Self-confidence project.Photo credits: Yves Petit

Well being in accomodation for the elderly

Nursing home prevention programm

Financed by


In partnership with

  • Mutualité Française
  • Plan Maladies

Our training and prevention programmes



  • OMEGAH (Well-being and accommodation for the Elderly) programme
  • Sleep workshops and conferences
  • Welfare guarantees
  • Self-confidence workshops and discussions
  • Suicide prevention for the elderly
  • Conferences on depression
  • Conferences on hearing
  • Adapted accommodation discussions
  • Digital mediation workshops
  • Conference and workshops on emotional and sexual life
  • « Seniors and addictions » meeting cycle
  • Etc.

Territorial and local activities

Local authority programmes

Territorial connections

  • Supporting local authorities or various entities.
  • Coordinating proximity partners.
  • Valuing local projects.
National Day for Helpers

JNA (Journée Nationale des Aidants / National day for informal carers) 2019 in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Cycle de rencontre

Local conferences with the elderly

Exhibition Caring and Loving

Raise general public and professionals awareness of the caregivers’ daily life

Financed by the regional health agency of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté within the framework of the PMND, by the social action of d’AG2R La Mondiale BFC and by the GIE IMPA

  • Plan Maladies
  • AG2R La Mondiale
  • Carsat
  • MSA
  • Sécurité Sociale Indépendants
  • CNSA
  • Département du Doubs
  • Département du Jura
  • Département de l'Yonne
  • Conférence des financeurs
Exhibition Caring and Loving
Exhibition locations in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in 2018 and 2019

Our territorial and local activities

They financed the PGI 2019 projects

  • ARS
  • Plan Maladies Neuro-dégénératives
  • Département de la Côte d'Or
  • Département du Doubs
  • CNSA
  • Département de Haute-Saône
  • Conférence des financeurs 71
  • Conférence des financeurs 90
  • AG2R La Mondiale
  • Val de Saône Vingeanne
  • Carsat
  • Gie Impa
  • Sécurité sociale - Assurance retraite
  • Sécurité Sociale Indépendants
  • MSA
  • CNAV
  • ANR
  • IReSP
  • Département du Jura
  • Ville de Dijon
  • Srias Franche-Comté